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We welcome you joyfully to this page, “the room of encounter” with the supernatural. We hope exploring the materials on our blogs will richly bless, nourish and strengthens your life and your walk with God. We equally trust God to bring out the divine endowment in you through the materials on this site. There’s no limit to how far you can go in life when you indeed encounter God.

We live in a generation where a lot of people are so familiar with the name of God, and several of His acts but lack His Power in their lives. Many have heard about God but never know Him. A lot of fellows are struggling to cope in their relationship with God. The Enemy (The Devil) has recognized this and therefore suffers a lot of God’s children in different ways. The Scripture says, “My people (God’s People) perish for lack of knowledge…” (Hosea 4:6). The lack of Knowledge, Power and the Revelation of The Word (Christ) is therefore the central of the troubles of believers after redemption. Jesus told the Sadducees that “…ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God” (Matthew 22:29). I can almost hear Him saying the same to many believers today.cropped-sp-f11.jpg

Every redeemed soul in Christ has been divinely endowed with potentials and resources inside them capable of transforming their host environment and even their generation at large, but their spiritual blindness and incapacitation caused by lack of knowledge and the power of God has made it difficult for many to manifest this grace/gift in them. But, through the enabling of the Holy Spirit, it is still possible for you to turn your generation around for Christ and fulfill your mandate.

The realization and fulfilment of this mandate on your life cannot be actualized without an encounter with God, you need an encounter to launch you forth. One Word from God can transform your lifetime. But this kind of life transforming encounter cannot be received without CONTACT between The Divinity and your Humanity. This was the kind of encounter Saul of Tarsus had and his whole life was transformed (Acts 9), Moses had this encounter before he could actualize the calling on his life (Exodus 3). You can as well have this kind of encounter through writing materials, just as several of God’s generals got it through the revelation on the written Word.

One encounter with God is capable of changing your entire life. Stay connected to our posts and get transformed and blessed.