The Lamblions cry for liberation and Transformation of lives and destiny in all the nations of the earth. 

Materials on our blog are soul lifting and heart blazing. Just as no man can outlive his level of revelational access, your life is limited by your revelations. You are a product of what you read, and what you often read have a power to change the atmosphere within you, and it is the change within you that brings about the change around you. 

As we study the scriptures, we read how Paul admonished Timothy, his spiritual son to give attention to reading… (1 Timothy 4:13). Daniel said, he understood by books (Daniel 9:2). And of Paul, Festus confronted him that much learning is making him mad (Acts 26:24).In your walk with GOD, reading, studying and learning is a non negotiable part to play if the you will grow. The knowledge of God and His ways must be your Ultimate desires. No price is therefore too big to be paid in order to come to this level. 

 I therefore challenge you to give more attention to studying of Bible and other spiritual materials so as to develop your knowledge of God and His ways. 

Rightly read and digest materials on this blog, like, follow and share them. I believe it will be a blessing to your soul. 

For we will not rest until our generation experience liberation and transformation God desires.

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