By Samson Paul Adeniran

“The next morning he was up long before daybreak and went out alone into the wilderness to pray.” (Mark 1:35 TLB)

The subject of prayers today has grossly been abused. Prayers have been reduced to medium of presenting our needs to God only. Prayers have become an activity in churches. Men are no longer taught to pray. A lot of praying men are outside there who are not transformed by the act. The church has gone into a spiritual bankruptcy because the life that comes through this act has been rubbed of its potency by ignorance.

There are several aspects of prayer a man can learn and become effectual in it and as well become transformed totally by it. Because, prayer itself, if well understood and engaged effectively will make a wonder out of a wanderer. It will make a hero from a zero being. It will make our walk with God more effectual.
How prayer could be more effectual and transform you FOREVER is what this article has been dedicated to address.

The Spirit of Prayer

There is praying in the spirit and there is also the spirit of prayer. The secret behind a deep personal communion with God in the secret place is this spirit of prayer. It is the secret behind a very long hour of prayer. It is the secret behind deep fellowship with God. It is the one that birth great men of prayers. It is the presence of this spirit of prayer that opens a man up into realms that are too difficult to describe. It is the encounter with it that makes a hero out of a mean man. If you will make a different in your walk with God and in your generation, this spirit of prayer is a fire you must catch.

How It Comes

This spirit of prayer comes, most especially during prayers, it could be during your personal time of prayer or in a cooperate prayer. When it comes, prayers become endless, it becomes tasteful. It becomes pleasant. It becomes a communion. Prayer becomes a soulmate. A precious act to embrace. You find it difficult to let it go. When it comes, you find prayer as the sweetest adventure you can carry out. You find it desirable. It becomes awesome. This is actually the missing link for those who finds prayer boring and are inactive. It is seemly, if not totally difficult to build a prayer life without this spirit of prayer.

Personal Experience

Many people have experience this spirit of prayer but gave different descriptions because it is actually an experience that words are too difficult to express. I remember it first came to me as “hunger”. It came in form of “hunger” even till now when I bow my knee before the Father of Light. I had have it coming having different experiences. I get very hungry for God. The hunger will persist so much that I will not want to stop praying until the hunger is satisfied, and with it I could pray like that for hours nonstop, if not distracted. Some other times the experience comes like the arrival of a “divine presence”. When He comes like that, tears flow with deep joy within that could not be described. The very presence of the Holy Spirit comes and just take over. It is at that point that communion becomes so real. No wonder David said,

How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord;” (Psalms 84:1-2 NIV)
Whatever your experience may be, all you need to do when you begin to see his arrival or perceive his presence is to surrender. A total surrender. Don’t struggle, don’t be distracted. It will change you. It will transform your life forever. At this point, you may begin to have experiences with God that words cannot even describe.

You Need A Place

This a reason you need a place of prayer. A place where no one will disturb you. Look at Jesus in our anchor verse, “The next morning he was up long before daybreak and WENT OUT ALONE INTO THE WILDERNESS to pray”. (Mark 1:35 TLB) Emphasis added
It’s not that Jesus cannot pray where He was. God is omnipresence. But He needed a place where no one will distract His communion with God. That is an example for us. And as a matter of fact, when you also begin to enjoy the Presence of the Holy Spirit mightily in your time of prayer, you will not love to be distracted.

Crave For The Holy Spirit

The Spirit of prayer is what you need to crave for in your prayer life. This Spirit of prayer is the Holy Spirit that quickens us as we pray. It is impossible to build a prayer life without Him. Dedicate your heart today to God and invite the Holy Spirit to fellowship with you in the place of your prayer and ask Him to turn you around totally for His glory.



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  1. God bless u sir. More of HIM in u. Ur light shall shine again and again unto d perfect day the message set my heart ablazed.

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