How To Build Consistency

How To Build Consistency

by Samson Paul Adeniran

If you have read the article titled the power of consistency, you will discover how our effectiveness and productivity in our spiritual adventures hangs only on the altar of consistency. Consistency is a key to great success and achievements in anything a man does, be it spiritual or circular. Understanding this key and correct application of it is a beginning of a life of wonders.
If you have read the article, then you can proceed to learn how to build consistency here, if you have not, please, click here to read before you continue.

“Persistence” is the father while “Consistence” is the mother to a child everyone love to have, “Success”.

If the two parents have not married inside you, success is not realistic. A lot of people know how to persist, but lack consistency, so, they discover the results still look the same.

How then can one build consistency?

1. Define What You Want And Love It Passionately

It has been discovered that successful people in their field of endeavor knows what they want and love it with passion. If you don’t know what you want, you can’t love it. And without a passionate love for a thing, you can’t be consistent in doing it. Your consistency in prayers or the Word or in rendering a spiritual service is only possible if it comes from a well of passionate love for it.

2. Create A Specific Time For It.

It is not possible to be consistent in a thing you don’t have a specific time for. One other reasons among others a lot of people don’t miss football match is because a specific time is created for it. They know the time for the match and so at that time, they go for it. The Apostles built their ministry on this foundation of timing.

In Acts 3:1 KJV
Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the HOUR OF PRAYER, being THE NINTH HOUR” (emphasis added).

The time was specific. When you keep doing a particular thing everyday at a particular time, your senses and body systems will also adjust to it. Some have always said they don’t have time, but everybody makes time for every important things that needs to be done.

images (1)

3. Let Other Things Be Secondary At The Time Appointed For The Task.

If you have decided to be praying or studying bible or going for evangelism at a particular time of your day, it doesn’t automatically mean some other “important things” will not come up again that time, but consider every other things that comes up that time secondary. And so, do them after you are done. Avoid using the created time for your spiritual exercise for other things.

4. Appreciate God For Consistency Over a Little Time.

Learn to appreciate God if you noticed you are consistent for a period of time. Don’t be proud for doing any spiritual exercise. You can do it because God gives you the grace. Don’t boast on it. Your boasting can reduce your efficiency. You can even notice the grace to do it is gone. Because it is absolutely grace that helps you. I have learnt this act overtime and it works for me in an unusual way. By thanking God for the grace to offer or keep doing an unusual spiritual exercise, He gives you Greater Grace to do more. Learn to always say “Thank You Jesus”.

5. Guide Against Disconnections: Remain Align

Do all you can to keep your alignment in the spirit. Spiritual exercise differs from other secular exercise on this basis. When your alignment is distorted, flesh comes in. And nothing done by the flesh can withstand a test of time. You can not build a consistent prayer altar on the flesh or using one known principle. It can’t last for a month before the whole thing collapse. A fresh consistent burning altar is built on spiritual alignment. You must remain align to remain consistent. Guide against anything, no matter how little that can disrupt your connection with the Holy Spirit of God.

The cheapest way to change your life and story is to define what you want and stay consistent in doing it. By remaining consistent, transformation beyond request begins to take place right inside of you, and in no time, it will manifest to your world. Stay consistent.


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