“Ye Are The Light…” (7 Wonders Of The Light)

“Ye Are The Light…”(7 Wonders Of The Light)

By Samson Paul Adeniran

In the beautitude, Jesus made it known to the disciples that, “ye are the light of the world, a city set on an hill which cannot be hid” Matthew 5:14. He is still saying that today to all His disciples.

Over time in the ministry of Jesus Christ, many objects were used symbolically to portray a particular character or attributes we possess as Christians, and one of such object is LIGHT. And He says, “Ye are the Light…”, not that “ye are a light” but “the light”. So, Christ was very definite.

We may not know the functional attributes residents in our spirit man, which we are meant to display, if we don’t know what light stands for and what it does.

1. Light Brings Revelation And Illumination

Light reveals. It has capacity to make known what darkness has covered over time. Once it appears, it gives a clear revelation. We possess a definite capacity as light inside our spirit to make known what is hidden. What is not naturally known to people, what darkness has covered over time. When there’s problem in the nation, or with people around us, we are meant to show them the way out. The church has come to a place where we will determine what the government should be doing. Because, we are THE LIGHT! You are that light.

2. Light Shines:

When you have a particular endowment or gift inside you, it is not meant only for you or to be known by you alone. “for the manifestation of the spirit is given to everyone to profit withal” (1Corinthians 12:7). What you carry is for all. As light, you must let it shine. Light shines. God wants to see you shining. He says “Arise, shine, for thy light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you” (Isaiah 60:1). As light, begin to shine.

All about light: from bulbs to art

3. Light Travels Far And Fast:

Because you are the light, there resides in you an uncommon potential to travel far and fast in the spirit. You carry a grace for uncommon speed called, “the speed of light”, meaning you carry grace to move faster than eagles or any animals. This potential is in our spirit. Begin to manifest it.

4. Light Evicts Darkness:

Wherever light appears, darkness don’t have any choice, no dialogue. Darkness just automatically know what to do. When you come on scene, no matter what level at which darkness has been operating, it must disappeared. All you need do is to begin to exercise this authority in you.

5. Light Guides:

The spirit of a man is the candle of the Lord. The Spirit of God in us lite up our spirits and gives it capacity to guide us. By following this divine guidance, we cannot walk in darkness.

6. The Brigher A Light Shines, The Thicker The Darkness The Surrounds  It:

There moment Joseph shared his dream and his brothers saw the light, the more grevious they became to him. The hated him the more. When your light begins to shine, remember darkness stays around.

7. Light Attracts Insects:

When light shines, insects gathers there. When it shines brighter, it attracts more insect. You know what I’m talking about. Are you surprised at all the host of hell that gather around you? Don’t be surprised, it is not your fault, it is because of who you are (Light) and what you carry.


One of the things our fathers don’t tell us is, anointing attracts oppositions from the dark world. We saw it all through the scriptures, after David was anointed, Saul became an enemy. It was not David’s fault, it was what he carried. The moment you know what you carry, you will be careful the way you live your life. And be prepared for spiritual warfare. But we know that there’s been no insect around light that has been able to stop the light from shining. We are not fighting as a defeated foe, but as a victor. Christ has given us victory! Praise the Lord!

So, as the light of the world. You have been given the capacity to manifest all the function above without stress or pain.

Therefore, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”. (Matthew 5:16 )
Your shining makes people give God the glory. Arise therefore and begin to shine.


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