The Power of Consistency

The Power of Consistency

By Samson Paul Adeniran

Spiritual world is real and so also the reality power of spiritual exercises. Spiritual activities that brings growth and development are still real and the same today, but the reason many have not experienced the dynamic power of these activities like praying and studying of God’s word is “Lack Of Consistency”.

A man cannot fully benefits on either of these spiritual activities without a deliberate act of consistence in its practice. Your gift grows better when you consistently use it for God. Your talent gains more expression as you consistently use it.

Can you see the reason you have not grown than this? Can you see why the gift has not experienced growth and powerful manifestation? It is because you are not consistent in the usage. The very reason you are unstable in your spiritual walk is because you are not consistent in your approach. It is better to be praying 30minutes daily and trusting God to keep growing with that than to be praying 7 hours only once a week.


You don’t know the power of prayers, until you learn to be consistent. You can’t fathom how far it will take you and how deep your spiritual experiences will be until you’ve learned to make use of it daily and always. This is Bible’s prescription.

Luke 18:1 KJV “And he spake a parable unto them to this end , that men OUGHT ALWAYS to pray, and not to faint” (emphasis added).

Consistency is not a new message, it is a life you must live in your spiritual journey for tangible productivity that will both benefits you and the kingdom of God.

  • Consistency will build and heighten your hunger for God.
  • It will give you a fresh taste of God’s presence.
  • Consistency will keep your heart fresh and your mind focus in your walk with God.
  • Consistency will keep you alive in the spirit.
  • It will lightens your spirit and increase the level of your spiritual discernment.
  • It will bring about the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit that are lying dormant in you.
  • When you learn to be consistent in your prayers life and in the study of God’s word, you will experience drastic growth beyond what you ever prayed for.

A pathway to an explosive operation of the Holy Spirit in your spiritual journey is embracing the act of consistency. With this you will soar higher and farther than you ever imagine.


Oh Lord, keep me focused and consistent. Make my heart stable and hunger for you. Help me to embrace the act of consistency in my prayer life and the study of God’s word. I pray that from today, I received grace to be consistent in Jesus name, amen


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