By Oluwadamilola Adesanwo

Texts: Matthew 9:25-26
Jesus and His disciples decided to go to the other side of a sea after He concluded a long sermon; Jesus been so tired, went to locate a small corner inside the boat where He could get some sleep. As they continued on the journey a sudden fierce storm rose. It was so strong that the disciples were frightened, which led them to applying every human wisdom, skills and experiences they’ve gained as expert fishermen to avoid drowning but all failed. In all this Jesus was enjoying the cool breeze of the storm in His sleep. At the point when they became so afraid to the point of death, they cried out to Jesus saying “Lord, don’t You care if we perish?” At this point I was thinking Jesus would just arise, praise the disciples for their labour thus far, and calm the storm. To my great amazement, Jesus woke up majestically and told them “WHY ARE YOU AFRAID?” Was Jesus not seeing the storm and the fierce wind? Was he not aware that the ship was drowning? Alas! Jesus was not disturbed with the storm because He is in charge, whether asleep or awake.

I don’t know the kind of storm you’re in right now; you’ve done all you can and even now it seems all hope is lost; I hear Jesus saying: “why are you afraid?” It seems you are getting drowned, but you cannot; you ask why? It’s because Jesus is with you –Romans 8:31-39.

Jesus Christ wants you to arise in His authority, with full confidence in His name and rebuke that storm in your life, in your family or in your business. This is not time to cry, to pity yourself, neither is it time to give up. It is time to arise with boldness and confidence in the authority of the name “Jesus”.

Jesus never leaves His children, for He said: “even when you’re in the midst of fire, it won’t burn you, neither will you get drown when you’re in the deep of the sea, because I AM with you”. Let this assurance give you succour for life, for God has not given us a spirit of fear but that of boldness, love and sound mind. You can’t get burnt because He is with you neither can you get drowned for He will never leave you nor forsake. Shun the report of the enemy, for who has spoken when the Lord has not commanded it? Smile at storms, they can’t drown you, smile at fiery furnaces, they can’t burn you. This is not because you are strong but because the Lord Almighty, the Maker of the heavens and the earth, is with you.


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