12 Great Lifestyles Of Eagles (Part 2)

12 Great Lifestyles Of Eagles (Part 2)

by Samson Paul Adeniran

In part 1 of this article we wrote about what eagles symbolise, why some nations use it on the image of their coat of arms and listed five distinguished characters or lifestyles of Eagles which we need to learn from as Christians, business owners family etc.  You can click here to read them


6. Eagles Have High Sensitivity

One can hardly catch an eagle. He can detect when an enemy is around. This attribute in an eagle is what every believer must have. The Holy Spirit in a believer makes our sensitivity to the spiritual world gets high. Eagle believer can pick information in the spirit very quickly. He can detect things that are not naturally available to common people. He walks in a very high level of revelation because of the eagle spirit in him.

You can’t have this attributes and be a victim of circumstances anywhere. I tell people, nothing is accidental to a spirit filled man/woman. They will just know before it happens. It’s an eagle spirit.

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7. Eagles Do Not Eat Dead Things.

They feed only on fresh prey. Vultures eat dead animals, but eagles will not.

Eagle Christians delights more in getting fresh meal daily from the Lord. Direct information from heaven. Many people are too used to old things. Old clothes, old phone, old shoes. Everything they have is second hand. I command your life to soar out of that realm in Jesus name. Amen

Eagle Christians also determines what they feed on with their eyes, ears and what they touch. Job said, he had made a covenant with his eyes not to look at maid. Job 31:1.
How craven are you to take something fresh from the Lord? Many people are still struggling on how to hear God. Many people has lost communion with God because nothing fresh is coming again. Many pastors had gone dead because nothing fresh again. May you receive an eagle mind to feed only on fresh meals in Jesus name. Amen.

8. Eagles do Not Fight Reptiles On The Ground

Anytime eagles needs reptiles for food, like snake, eagles pick it out of the ground to the sky and finish its work there.
Anytime you have spiritual battles, don’t address it physically. Take it to your “war room” and finish the work there.

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9. Eagles Soars Better In The Storms

Many don’t know that storms are part of life. And they are there to scale you higher.
Eagles soar better in the storm, in fact, they use the storm to get lifted into the clouds. When other birds has gone hidden. Eagles rejoice in storms. Those who run away from storms can hardly go higher in life. They can’t be stronger in capacity.
Storms are designed for you, don’t run away from it. Be it in your family, ministry, business, job, career, marriage, etc. When you see storm, rejoice. It is meant to make you stronger and better.


10. The Eagle Prepares for Changes

The only thing that doesn’t change is anything that has entered eternity! Either heaven or hell.
Change will come as long as we are on earth. We must prepare for it. Eagles know when it is time for change, and they prepare for this change.


11. Eagles Retreat

Eagles can live for as old as a century or more. But, when it is about 30 years, the feather becomes weak and the talon (which it uses to pick prey) may not be able to grab prey well again so, The eagle is left with only two options: DIE or go through a painful process of CHANGE which lasts 150 days.

If it goes through the process, it can live longer. The process requires that the eagle soar to a mountaintop and sit on its nest. There the eagle knocks its beak against a rock until it plucks it out. Then the eagle will wait for a new beak to grow back.

I once read this story about eagles. Take your time to read the story.

“An eagle’s beak is made of keratin, like human fingernails. Like our fingernails, an eagle’s beak is constantly growing. Eagles tear at tough foods and wipe their beaks against hard objects like branches or even rocks to keep them clean. This process also helps keep the beak in magnificent shape throughout an eagle’s entire life. The loss of a beak in the wild would be certain death to any bird of prey and then it will pluck out its talons.

The talons are also made of keratin, like human fingernails. And so the talons too are constantly growing. Grabbing and killing prey keeps the talons sharp as well as prevents them from becoming too long. If they got soft, there would be something seriously wrong with the bird. The talons are what an eagle uses to catch food. To pluck them out would not only be extremely difficult and painful, but would also take away their ability to provide food for themselves.
And after 5 months, the eagle takes its famous flight of rebirth and lives for 30 more years. And it does it like that over and over as long as it will live”.

When eagles retreat, they forget old memories, old lives and old things they have. They got new things on them. New strength and capacity.

Every eagle Christians must learn to retreat. Go back to your secret place. Go back to gain more strength and capacity. Tap into new ability of God. Get into what God is doing in the immediate. Do yours often. And u will always be a new man, full of strength and unusual capacity.


12. Eagles Are Trained.

Eaglets are trained by the adult eagles. They don’t just assume because they are eagles they can soar. They took their eaglets through training process of soaring and hunting the prey.
Eagle Christians must be able to reproduce themselves. They must be trained, then train others. You can’t train others if you are not first trained. Eaglets are trained on how to soar. How to be eagles. So must you be trained to be an eagle Christian.

No eagle we see today that was not trained by its adult eagles.
What is God using to train you currently? Who has God placed before you to train you? Be subject to training now and you will emerge as a great Christian eagle.


Heart cry

“Oh Lord, make me an Eagle Christian. Sharpen my eyes to see farther than the immediate. Help me to soar and not to give up in storms of life. Give me a high level of sensitivity to your Holy Spirit. Give me grace to always retreat so as to keep being a better Christian. Direct my path to divine training and help me to train others. In Jesus Christ name, amen.


2 thoughts on “12 Great Lifestyles Of Eagles (Part 2)

  1. “Oh Lord, make me an Eagle Christian. Sharpen my eyes to see farther than the immediate. Help me to soar and not to give up in storms of life. Give me a high level of sensitivity to your Holy Spirit. Give me grace to always retreat so as to keep being a better Christian. Direct my path to divine training and help me to train others. In Jesus Christ name, amen.


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