By Adesanwo Oluwadamilola

“Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendour. “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me”.
Matthew 4:8-9(NIV)

The same temptation with which Jesus was tempted –which Jesus overcame-, the devil is still bringing our way. It’s really sad to know that many are still bowing down to the devil today in exchange for pleasures, riches and fame etc. which are given by the devil in exchange for their precious souls.

The moment you yield yourself to temptation for the pleasures of this world, you’ve just bowed to the devil. Where are the sons of God? Men who have pledged allegiance to the Lord Jesus never to bow to the devil no matter the pressures for Job, sexual satisfaction, riches, promotion etc… Men who have made covenant with their knees and heart to only worship our Lord Jesus.

The coming of temptations you can’t escape it, the times you will have to prove your loyalty to our Lord Jesus. What will you do then? To bow to the devil for the temporal pleasures, or to embrace the shame and temporal pain that comes with standing for Jesus which will result in eternal glory? The times come daily when you will choose either to stand for Jesus or bow to the devil. I hope you will tell the devil to his face: “bowing down to you is not an option to me, take all you have to yourself because I’m going to stand for Jesus no matter the cost, and that, I will do by His grace.

Oh Lord! Please let such men arise amidst us: men who have sworn never to bow to the devil either in the political sector, educational sector, or even in the business world and so on. Men who will never give in to temptation!

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Would you like to make a pledge right now to our Lord Jesus Christ in this manner: “Lord by your grace, I will never bow my knees to the devil no matter the heat of the pressure coming from any angle. I will bow my knees in worship only to You Jesus, my Lord and Saviour”.
Beloved, if you’ve already bowed to the devil, and you want to retrace your steps, it’s time to arise, never to bow again.


Lord help me to always stand for you; never to bow to the devil regardless of pressures coming from friends and relatives. Enlist among your true soldiers of faith, men who will never compromise their faith for anything in this world oh Lord. In Jesus precious name. Amen


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