How To Obtain Spiritual Hunger (7 Major Ways)

How To Obtain Spiritual Hunger

by Adeniran Samson Paul

A man may have nothing today, but if he has the right hunger, don’t despise him because no one can predict how far such man can go. I love to give you a key that can unlock success in your future, it is called “Hunger“. No Hero/Heroine rise above the level of their hunger. It has been an undeniable secret to great height in God.

But you need to know how to get this Hunger.

1. Continual Prayers

I have found this to be a great secret of my walk with God. Prayer must be continues and consistent. The secret of hunger in prayer is consistency. If you can maintain a consistent prayer life, you will receive more hunger and more hunger and more hunger for God. You need this hunger to make a meaningful impact and live a balance Christian life.

2. Acquire Revelation From The Word Daily

The reason many reads God’s word daily and their lives never get transformed is because they have no access to the bread or revelation in the word. They only access letters, no access to the Spirit. And we know that, letter kills, but the spirit gives life. When you study the word, don’t stand up until the revelation of God’s word hit you.


3. Get Drunk

Hunger comes and is sustained when you get drunk. How? When you read the word and revelations are coming, don’t just stand up “scream”and go. Stay, keep drinking from that revelations until you are drunk. You will know when you get drunk and people around you can see the intoxication all over you. Continual access to “rhema” of the word of God can get you totally drunk that anytime you are engaged with conversation with anyone, what is coming out of you is God’s word. The more you have this, the more you want to have more.


4. Be Filled With The Holy Spirit.

Ephesians 5:18b admonishes us to be filled with the Spirit. Those who stay longer in the place of prayers and in private altar have more access to this experience.
Prayers will get you drunk and filled with the Spirit if you pray in line with the will of God, or your prayers are scripture based. Get engaged in speaking in the Holy Ghost more often. Hunger comes from this infilling experience of the Holy Ghost. When you get addicted to praying daily and consistently. You hunger gets more fired up.


5. Listen To Spirit-filled Messages

What you listen to has a lot to do with “what” you end up becoming. Who has your listening ear? To develop hunger, listen to spirit-filled men/women and their messages. Get them stock into you. Get inspired by their revelation of Christ and His Word. Stop listening to things that doesn’t edify your souls. Let your focus be directional. Be careful who you listen to because of the tendency of being like them.

6. Read Spirit-filled Materials

Certain books are written for you, get them and read them, get the revelation the author is passing across and put a balance to it in line with God’s word and apply it to your life. Don’t be a lazy reader, many of the things you needed has been put down in books, locate them and study them. Reading good books will increase your spiritual hunger.


7. Fellowship With People of Like Passion

A wise man once said, what determines who you become the next five years are two things: “The books you read and the company you keep”. You have to choose your friends. Choose the company you keep. Surround yourself with men of like passion. Company of passionate men will ignite your passion and hunger. Don’t be a lone ranger. Iron sharpens iron.



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