7 ways to know you have spiritual hunger

7 ways to know you have spiritual hunger

by Adeniran, Samson Paul

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled”. (Matthew 5:6 KJV)

1. Hunger Will Heighten Your Appetite:

When a man is hungry, the hunger heightens the man’s appetite. The Hunger gives him more hunger once the hunger is not yet satisfied. This is one of the ways to know if you have spiritual hunger. It keeps you hungry more and more until you are filled.


2. Hunger Gives You a Pursuit You Are Not Willing To Stop.

When real hunger comes to a man, he began a pursuit he is not willing to stop. When I read the story of Esau and Jacob, I knew what hunger could do to a man. As long as Esau was hungry, he was ready to pay any price to get what he needs. But it was a pity, his hunger was for mundane thing.


3. Hunger Will Make You Sacrifice

An hungry man can sacrifice whatever he is doing or what he has at the immediate to get his hunger satisfied. The reason many can’t leave where they are to get what they need is because their lives lack hunger. It takes hunger to change your level. It takes hunger to change your status. It takes hunger to leave where you are now to where you ought to be. May you receive that hunger in Jesus name.


4. Hunger Sharpens Your Sensitivity

A hungry man can smell a little smell from a distance. His sensitivity is very high, he becomes sensitive to what he needs. His direction begins to be towards where the smell is. He wants his hunger satisfied. How sensitive are you to what you need in life? If truly you are hungry for that which you claim to be, you will go for it.


5. Hunger Makes Your Focus One:

At the moment a man gets hungry, he began to loose focus on what is not satisfied. His craving becomes what can satisfied him. His attention becomes what could satisfy the Hunger. How hungry are you to get focused on the right course of your life. How hungry are you for spiritual growth, for righteousness, for spiritual fruit, spiritual gifts, success, excellence etc? Your hunger will tell on your focus.


6. Hunger Makes You Beg.

Have you ever seen an hungry man on your street? We have a few of them in Africa where I come from. Age is not even a barrier, you see them begging to get what they need. There are people who have what you need, true hunger will make you go to them and get what you need. This has nothing to do with a lady selling herself to men. But I talk of submission.


7. A Non Hungry Man Misses Opportunities.

May I ask you, how many opportunities have passed you by this year? How many of them did you grab? Why did you miss those opportunities? I guess you were not hungry enough. An hungry man will see opportunities quickly and ensure it doesn’t pass by. Arise in hunger to grab your opportunities now.


Jesus promised us that, a man who is hungry is a blessed man, and those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be satisfied (Matthew 5:6).
The question I love to ask you is, what are you hungry for? Those who hunger for the wrong things get their destination wrong in life. Hence, they waste the major part of their lives in a way they can’t account for. Channel your hunger towards righteousness, and you will be filled.


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