The Need To Surrender To The Holy Spirit

The need to surrender to the Holy Spirit

Samson Paul Adeniran

We have learned many beautiful lessons in life which they are of themselves beautiful and necessary for a man to make a good journey to a promised destination. We have learned that Life can be pleasant and beautiful to those who dare things. Those who have learned to keep swimming through the ocean of live. Those who have seen life as a journey who expects storms and winds but have made up their minds to keep going. Certain Success in life could submits to those who could endure the trial of the moment, those who could fight their way to the top. Those who could defile the threat of the immediate and press their way to the reality of the reason for their existence.

Moreover, life also teaches that, what it takes to reach your goals is just one little step further. A little more effort put into what you are doing; your family success, your business, your ministry and your spiritual life.

All these are beautiful steps to achieving great goals and success in life which I agree with as well. But, we have also found that, this has not given us a solution to the lost of inner peace, joy and “ecstasy of fulfilment” that comes from within. We still see many unhappy home and many people making huge money from business and politics and yet have no Joy. This is because, all these are meant to be a compliment to the root matter. What ought to be the foundation of a man’s journey is Christ and the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Just as we saw Jesus told the young rich man in the Bible who had kept all the law from his youth that, ” there is one thing you still lack…”(Luke 18:22). Perhaps, you might have also falling short of the categories of such people. You have done everything yet, that inner peace is still missing, that relationship is still not working. The family problems are not settle yet. You still rise and fall. The business still not move forward. The Ministry still stand still. Your results in your career still seems not encouraging and you come to a point where it is as if, no more road. I have one “thing” to offer you.

Have you tried the Holy Spirit?

I am not talking about tongue speaking, oh, it is a wonderful experience to speak in new tongues. I am asking you, have you surrendered to the leading of the Spirit of the Lord in you?

Jesus sent Him to you as your comforter, why are you seeking comfort where it doesn’t exist?

You might have been born again, but have you surrendered to the Holy Spirit of God?


Try this truth and tell me your testimonies over that issues you have been trusting God for after a week. Choose to surrender to His leading. He will never mislead you.
You need to begin to permit Him. Let Him instruct you. Let Him guide you. Permit Him to sit on the driver seat of your life. Make Him your driver. No one ever truly follow Him regrets doing so. Your case will not be an exception.


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