Only Believe

Only Believe

by Samson Paul, Adeniran

Years ago after I met Christ, I was faced with the challenge of dropping out of school because everything turned down for those who were supposed to support me academically and my old grandma can’t afford much. All I could do also was to make a living by the little effort I have learnt to put together. I cried to God with tears in prayers, wrote letter of assistance to one of my uncles. To my great surprise, the Lord arose and raised me helpers from people I knew not. Both from individuals and organizations. After all, I finished my secondary school joyfully having all my results in one seating.

As I began to work somewhere to make a living, the Lord told me to find time to stay with Him. I organized personal program for myself to seek God’s face a number of days. One of those days, I asked God if He wanted me to further my study and if He does, how will I go about the demands of fees and other necessities. And He said, “I will help you”. After this, I made all efforts to write Pre-admission exams (in Nigeria, we call it JAMB). When finally, I got admission, I turned back to all those brethren God had been using for me and told them I had admission already, seeking for their support again. But to my surprise, all I heard was that, their capacity might not be able to take me through higher institutions; Since I didn’t know what God wanted to do. When I heard this kind of feed back, I went back to God and ask, “Father, but You said You will help me”. Why has everyone turned me down? I wept, but I saw joy deep down inside me. My facial expressions seems different from what was inside my heart. So, I stood up from the prayers.

Lo and behold, from that point, everyone I met wanted to know about my admission, in church and outside. In the long run, The Lord proved Himself faithful.
Moreover, during my campus days, I gave myself to serving the Lord, (which I still do, seeking grace to do more). I tried to work, doing some extra lessons for some students, but I can’t remember what I did with those money. As if I should learn how to believe God for what He had said. He proved Himself faithful. All that I ever spent on my schooling came from divine provisions of God. I looked back and felt amazed. Indeed God is faithful. Today, I have my NYSC certificate. Glory to Jesus!

Beloved, has the Lord ever spoken to you concerning ANY matter in life? Has the Lord spoken to you about His plans for your life? Has He spoken to you about your marital partner or your spouse and children? What can you remember He has said unto you? (please, pause and think on what God has told you before you proceed).
Today, it may seems as if what you are seeing is not what God told you. I dare to tell you that, only believe. Hold God by His word. God-Always-Keeps-His-Word-Pic

Faithful is He that promise, He has never failed, your case will not be an exception. You may doubt your future, but don’t doubt God who owns the future. A wise man once said, “I may not know what my future holds, but I know Him who holds my future”.

If God is leading you through that path, keep going. As long as He’s the One leading, I assure you a safe landing. Has the Lord said? Trust Him, He will bring it to pass. Only Believe.


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