Can you ask yourself this question? Where am I? The Lord asked Adam this same question because he was no longer in the place where he was made to be, he lost the position he ought to occupy, so the LORD asked him “WHERE ARE YOU?”

We all know the story of what happened, how sin came in and made Adam leave the place He was made to be, the glorious garden where everything he needs has been made for him. One thing he did was to fellowship with the Father and tend the garden. It was such a glorious life and experience. All these ended when sin came in and God had to send Adam from eden signifying the presence of God.

God really was not happy how man had to leave the place of authority, the place of power, the place of His presence where he had made him to be. God then began to look for a way out. A way to help man pay the price of his sin, so that sin can be removed from man and He can now invite man back to the place where He has made him to be.

The only option was God coming in the form of a man to be humiliated and killed. It was such a great sacrifice but just because He wants us back to where we belong, where he has made us to be He despised the shame and endured the agony of the Cross. Now! it is FINISHED. The price of our sin has been paid. Sin has been destroyed, now nothing is able to prevent us from entering into the garden of His presence. The door has been opened, the veil has been removed, and the stone has been rolled away.
Hebrews 4:16(ASV)
“Let us therefore draw near with boldness unto the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy, and may find grace to help (us) in time of need”.

God is calling you: “WHERE ARE YOU? I’m waiting, where are you? The garden of my presence has been opened to you, to those who believe in Jesus. Don’t believe the lies of the devil. I’ve paid it all for you. Come to where you belong. It might look strange to you at first because you’ve spent so much time outside the garden (My Presence). You’ve learnt how to depend on yourself, how to till the ground but that was not what I made you to be neither to do because in the garden (My Presence) where I placed you everything you need has been made and prepared for you, even before I formed you from the dust. That was why I told you to SEEK FIRST MY KINGDOM AND ALL THESE THINGS which you’re struggling for would be added to you. But many of you don’t believe this. Believe my word and you shall live”.

Take time out to fellowship with the Father and His son Jesus our Lord. Cast all your cares on Him, trust Him for all your daily need. Love Him with all your heart and seek to do His will. This is the new life He has called us into. SHALOM.

My heart cry;
Lord, I thank You for this revealed truth You’ve made known to me. Grant me the grace to walk in the reality of this truth. I come oh Lord, Lord I come, into the garden of Your Presence, Lord I come not to leave again. I receive this grace Lord. Lord please help me to always trust you for everything . In Jesus name. AMEN


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