POWER OF LEADERSHIP Part 1: 25 Ways To Develop The Leader Within You

POWER OF LEADERSHIP Part 1:  25 Ways To Develop The Leader Within You

by Samson Paul, Adeniran

I love to define leadership in a simple term that has helped me personally. Leadership is the act of seeing the way, knowing the way, going the way and then showing the way. I know you might have read several books leadership, so, I will not love to bother you with quotes and definitions sited from several gifted authors in this line.7039dc7c6feb1b58c04a69ac8f3171be
I read a story on the Moravians movement on revival of 1727, how the revival started and was sustained for years under the godly leadership of Zinzendorf. He led the people on a non stopping prayer chains that span over 100 years, 24hours a day, 7 days a week. I asked, what was the secret of that great exploit? I found out that it was leadership! It was headed by a strategic leader. It is not just spirituality, but also development of strategies which is the product of great leadership ability.
A respected leader in the continent of Africa was once asked, one of the foremost leaders in the continent that, “what do you supposed to be the greatest problem of Africa today?” Without missing words, he answered, “Leadership”!
Emergence of effective leaders is the birth of a revolution. Alongside with your spiritual and intellectual capacity, you need leadership capacity to fulfill your God-given mandates on earth.
Meanwhile, the first step to becoming such effective leader is “Self Development”. You must first be able to lead yourself before you can think of leading others. It first starts from you. You need to “consciously” develop yourself. It will not jump on you. Effective-leadership2-300x193
So, to be an effective leader, you must spend quality time developing yourself .
The following 25 ways can be of help to developing the leadership within you.

  1. Be A Man/Woman Of Your Word: Begin to master and adhere to doing what you promise. Do your best to do what you say. Keep your word with yourself and also with others. Keep your appointments and promises.
  2. Be In Charge Of Your Time: Respect the fact that time has no respect for anyone, either the poor or the rich, white or black. Ability to make a wise use of your time is a pointer to great achievement in life. To be an effective leader in future, begin to effectively be in control of your time and use it productively.
  3. Learn To Always Be Occupied With Something Productive And Contributing To The Person You Love To Become: Don’t spend your time doing what has nothing to do with your future. Conscious keep doing what will contribute to the future you are looking for.
  4. Have A Vision And Write It Down:  You must know where you are going in life, if you don’t, you can’t lead. And ensure you write it where you can be seeing it daily.
  5. Learn To Set Goals Daily, And Weekly And Achieve It
  6. Give: Begin to practice the act of generosity because leaders give.
  7. Mind Your Appearance: A wise man once said, “The way you dress is the way you will be addressed”. Mind your appearance, people will often approach you the way you appear to them.
  8. Work On Character Development: One of my heroes once said in one of his teachings on this subject that, “Your effectiveness and success in leadership is absolutely 50% of capacity and 50% of character”. Your capacity will bring you there, while your character will sustain you. You may love to read more on character development, Click here
  9. Build Relationships: You must realize that in your leadership course, you will be working with people, so begin to learn how to develop good relationship with people.
  10. Develop Your Communication Skills: I hope you know communication is beyond just talking and passing on information. Get the skills required in effective communication now and begin to use them in your communication with friends.
  11. Build Your Confidence
  12. Learn How To Take Note Of Important Dates: You may even need diary to help. In your leadership course in life, you will need to know how to remember dates.
  13. Learn To Give Your Best In All You Do Henceforth
  14. Don’t Compromise Your Faith And Convictions: What distinct you is your convictions. Don’t trade them. Be a man/woman of conviction.
  15. Learn To Learn, Unlearn And Relearn: You must give yourself to knowledge. There are certain things you need to unlearn and be open to learning new things.
  16. Be Accountable To Somebody: Avoid living carelessly. If this is not part of you before, do something with it before the end of this week.
  17. Learn The Art Of Finishing A Course. For example, pick a book and ensure you finish it before you drop.
  18. Be A Follower: Who are you following? An effective leader will first be a follower.leader
  19. Learn To Major On Majors And Minor On Minors: For example, if you don’t have anything doing on the internet, don’t stay there, use that time to do something productive. Spend quality time with major things in your life. Remember you don’t have all the time.
  20. Control Your Appetites: Your appetite for food, sleep, and sexual urges. Appetite for food slayed Esau, sleep slayed those servants in the parable of Jesus in Matthew 13:25, sexual urges slayed Samson in the Bible. Put a control to yours now, before they starts controlling you.
  21. Treat People Well: Those you see as nothing today, will definitely be something tomorrow. Place value on people than any other things you do.
  22. Add Salt To Your Sacrifices: Do everything you do joyful. The joy that radiates on your face from your heart meant so much in all you do. Learn to do things joyfully or don’t do it at all.
  23. Develop Your Gifts To Become Skills
  24. Break Out With Unnecessarily Friendship And Keep Worthwhile Friends: A wise man once wrote that, “Two things determines who you become in the next five years: the books you read and the company you keep” (friendship). Your future is in the palm of your hands.
  25. Above all, study your bible and pray daily and be consistent in it. It is the key to your transformation in all areas of your life.

Never you think any of these things will come your way unconsciously, you will make a deliberate conscious effort to make them part of you. c0310e9977b9d84831ac55f02dba5d15_clipart-dreamstime-youth-leader-clipart_267-160
You are that leader your generation is waiting to have.
My heart cry for you is that you will end up well and fulfilled. Go and do something with what you have just learnt.

You can “like”, “comment”, and/or “share” this article if it blesses you. Bless a life also with it. Love to see a better you.

The Lamblions
…cry for liberation and transformation of lives and destiny of mankind in all the nations


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