by Adesanwo Oluwadamilola

This article you are about to read is a summary of an experience with God that completely transformed my walk with God and brought me into a deep understanding of how intimately God wants us to walk with Him. Stay blessed as you read.

I was privileged to be brought up in a Christian family, though I got saved while I was in my Junior Secondary School. While I was growing in faith, there were some phrases I came across that I don’t seem to really understand their meaning or probably I just assumed I understand them; phrases like “First Love”, “loving God with all your heart” etc.

I was serving God in various capacities as much as I could, I loved God and I knew God loves me, but I perceived I was not having that satisfaction about my love for God. Sometimes I asked myself: ‘Do I really love God?’ I just felt there was something missing. I sang about my love for God and I said it with my mouth but I was really feeling there’s something more to this, there’s something I was yet to know.

How the new journey started

At a point, God started opening my understanding through my relationship with my close female friends. You understand that kind of affection you have with your close friends? I don’t mean ‘lust’ or ‘crush’ here. This became more vivid when I got engaged, there is a strong desire to be with my fiancé, we can discuss for several hours without knowing. I know by now you fully understand what I mean.

Then God told me that the same way I have affection towards my fiancé is the same way He wants me to walk with Him, even more: to be emotionally tied with Him, having my heart filled with His love. This first sounded so difficult for me; how can I love God in this manner? How can I love God so emotionally? This and many other questions clouded my mind.

Then, God began to expound the scriptures to me, making me to understand that this is the kind of love He is expecting from His church, this is the kind of love that would make you surrender all to Jesus. This is the kind of love that would make you lay down your life for Him. The love a man has towards his wife and vice versa was put there by God so that we can be able to understand or comprehend the kind of love He is expecting from us in return. No wonder He called us His’bride’. When a man first meets His wife, that period of courtship or honeymoon, the emotional feeling of love and intimacy is always at its zenith that love is called ‘First Love’. Both are ready to do anything for each other, just to ensure the other person is satisfied. That’s the love he told the Ephesians church to return to in Revelations 2: 4-5. This is the love He’s calling us into right now. This words really changed my entire view of Christianity, it changed my walk with God completely. I had to surrender all to Jesus and pray for a heart filled with His love, a heart desperately longing for Him day and night, a heart that seeks His face.

He is calling you too

I’ve come to see Jesus as my lover, my everything, and my all in all! Jesus is calling you into a love relationship with Him. You might have been a christian for several years now and have even served God in various great capacity or probably you feel you’re still young in faith, Jesus is still calling you into this deep level of intimacy and closeness with Him.


My heart cry;
Oh Lord I ask for grace to love you with all my heart, my soul and my mind, Holy Spirit please fill my heart with the Love for Jesus that I be rooted and grounded in His love. Oh Lord I receive a heart that seeks your face, a heart that hungers and pants for your presence. Oh Lord please help me, help me never to stay away from your presence. I love you Lord. In Jesus name. Amen


The Lamblions

…We cry for liberation and transformation of lives and destiny of mankind in all the nations of the earth. 


10 thoughts on “MY LOVE STORY

  1. May the Love of God consummate us. Gods grace in our abilities to surrender our all to Him, not a mite to withhold in Jesus name, Amen.


  2. This is indeed true and is very much a blessing to me. I really desire that I’d love God with all my heart and soul and body. I also want to seek him with all my heart.
    Thank u guys so much.
    This has really encouraged me.
    God bless you.
    More Grace.


  3. Hmmm. This is really deep. May God help us to love Him with the whole of our heart and being. More of God’s Revelation sir.


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