Quench not the Spirit

Adeniran Samson Paul

“Do not quench the Spirit ” (1 Thessalonians 5:19).

The Most important personality, companion and friend I have ever found is, The Holy Spirit! His personality is such awesome and crystal. If you really know Him. He is all a person can have in all times: when joyful or sad, in plenty or penury, in sunshine or rain. He’s ever there and faithful!

In our Christian walk as believers, the doubt of those things the Father had promised us is one of the things that confronts us. But by the Holy Ghost, doubts melts. Because, He is there as the divine being to bring us into the reality of divine purpose and agenda for us. He is our guidance and faithful leader. In His leading, you can be sure you will never be astray.firefoxscreensnapz459

As He leads you, navigating you through the plans of God for your life, do not quench Him. Do not quench the Spirit when He gives you a burden and hunger to pray. Quench Him not as He leads you to meet the needs of your brethren. Quench not the following of His humble instructions. Do not quench or question His Lordship over your life and all you possesses. He knows you, present, past and future. He says, yield unto Me, I will give you a safe, joyful and glorious landing in the journey of life.

Beloved, if you have been experiencing difficulties in your walk with GOD, check it if you have not being quenching the Spirit. For if we quench Him not, we will always be revived and enjoy His loving fellowship.

Keep your Hunger Alive
Above all, let not your hunger for Him quench. Hunger to know Him more, to walk with Him and to tell others about Him. Do all you can to sustain your hunger and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Backsliding does not start when you stop reading scripture and prayers. It starts from the point you loss your hunger for divine presence. Never exchange your hunger for God for anything. Never trade it with anyone. Keep your hunger alive and afresh for GOD. If you must loose anything in life, never lose your hunger for God. Stay alive hungry for GOD. No one can predict how far a man hungry for GOD can go in life. It is a secret of sustaining a closer walk with GOD and a life of unending exploits in life.

If you will stay hungry for GOD, I can tell you, generations after you will drink from your well.

Stay close to Him, and get fresh hunger daily in His presence. Enjoy worship with Him and the fellowship of Word and Prayers.

Keep burning but never get Burnt.
Quench not the Holy Ghost.

The Lamblions
…we cry for liberation and transformation of lives and destiny of mankind in all the nations of the earth.


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