By ADENIRAN Samson Paul

The tragedy and commotions of life today is that, the planet earth is full of billions of people with very “few of them living while many are merely existing”. The difference between those who are living and those who are merely existing are the impact they stand to make on the earth. The designer of your life (GOD), made you for a definite purpose; pleasurable to Him and beneficial to humanity.
Shortly, many rich men discovered that satisfaction in life doesn’t come through riches, (a lot of them had lost their peace), neither does it come by riotous living. It comes only by living inside Christ, fulfilling His divine purpose for your life.
In this article, I have coined out seven important points to live by on daily basis so as to make your life count and live a meaningful impactful life on earth.
Read on…

  1. Decide Today To Begin To Live A Life Pleasing To God, No Matter What People Says.

Your relevance in life is in Christ, and it is in living in confinement of His will that your life become outstanding. Do away with sinful acts of all kinds. This is a prerequisite for exploits in life

2. Do Things That Leads To Your Personal Development Everyday.

Don’t just wake up and watch things happening. Choose to develop yourself. Feed the world in you. Engage in personal growth principles, nobody will do that for you. You have to do it yourself and do it daily.


3. Determine To Live Your Life For The Benefit Of Others.

Selflessness is not a choice for you, if you will make meaningful impact in life. Somebody needs you to survive. That little thing inside you is what someone else need to rise up. Someone needs you to come into his/her life so as to become better. No matter how little what God had deposited in you, it is largely for the benefit of others.


4. Do Things That Last.

Let your life transcend your generation. Many people live for the temporal. They live for the immediate. They cannot see beyond today. It is a dangerous life. Live your life to transcend your immediate. Transcend your environment in your reasoning and your work. Engage your time doing things that last. Something generations after you can lay hold on.


5. Be Accountable For Every Of Your Action.

Failure in life begins when you begin to shift the blame of your wrong doing on others or circumstances but take credit of your success only. Learn to accept your wrong doings, make necessary corrections and improve yourself. Stop blaming others and circumstances. Some people blame the devil, well, devil is not only after you, he is after everybody including his workers, yet, some are succeeding, why not you also. Take responsibility for your life.


6. Fear Not.

The word fear not occur in about 365 times in the King James Version of the Holy Bible, which is the number of days in a year. As human we have fears but God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love and sound mind. Don’t give room for fear in your life. Always seek God’s will in all you do. Be courageous.Words-Of-Wisdom-Collection-Quotes


7. Surrender To The Leading Of The Holy Spirit.

God has given us His Spirit that He might abide in us always. The Holy Spirit is given a responsibility to guide you, if you will listen to Him (for those who are born again). Just as the children of Israel moved when the clouds of pillar before them moves in the wilderness, so also must you be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit and move as He moves. Be diligent enough to take instructions from the Holy Spirit and obey Him. Your obedience to Him is what guarantee your exploits in life. You must do as you are commanded. (Ezekiel 37:11)


God had given everyone of us the power to make impact. And not just to merely exist but to make a meaningful living. The choice you make today has slot to determine in your tomorrow. If I were you, I will advance by making better choices to follow what you have learned from this article.les-brown-les-brown-you-need-to-make-a-commitment-and-once-you-make

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The Lamblions
…we love you
…we cry for liberation and transformation of lives and destiny of mankind in all the nations of the earth.


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