“And Joseph died, all his brothers, and all that generation”. (Exodus 1:6)NKJV


Just last Sunday, I handed over the Barton of leadership of the office of the State Prayer Secretary, of the Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF) Benue Chapter. Few moments after the official handing over, I realize that, my time in office is over as far as Benue State is concerned. How shortly it was to realize that, no one has the whole lot of time in life for himself? So, if there were anything I ought to have done that I didn’t do while in office, the time to do that is gone! Everything in life moves with time, and so, life is short.


Also, As I read through the story of a young man in the scriptures called Joseph, I saw how short a man’s life can be. I saw how a man must make wise use of his little time on earth to please God and to make a positive impact on humanity, regardless of his/her challenges.

Joseph was a man that passed through several challenges in life. He was oppressed and persecuted by his own brothers. Yet, he never allowed those challenges to tamper with his dreams. Joseph had a vision, and he pursued it with his life. He was ready to sacrifice anything to please God and to fulfill his mandate on earth. He was thrown to the pit, and sold on slavery by his brothers because he had a dream (his vision in life). He was sent to prison because he chose to live a consecrated life for God but he never allowed those challenges to inhibit his love for God and humanity. Rather, he ensured at every point in life, he made a wise use of his pilgrimage to affect lives. Even while in the prison he was touching lives. And in no time, he found himself in the palace, not as messenger but as Prime Minister. That was where his passion led him and a wise use of  his limited time on earth.

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His brothers knew not what life was all about, unknown to them that, as sun sets and rises on each day, everyone is closer to his/her day of departure on earth. They spent their lives on purposeless living. They had no vision, no goal, they just lived their lives the way it came to them. What a risk of life! Unknown to them, a day came and they died! And it was also recorded in the passage above that, people in that generation also died, and we knew nothing about them. What will you be remembered for? it all begins NOW!


It is glaring that life will give back to you what you sow into it. If you spend your life watching things happening, you will only end up a spectator on earth, no matter the potential you carry. But, if you spend your life pleasing God and affecting lives positively with the potential God had placed inside you, your passion will find you out. In no time, it will bring you before kings.


Your time on earth is limited, it’s only in heaven you have eternity of time. What are you doing with your life? Are you living your life the way it appears to you or you are taking responsibility of living to please God and affect humanity? The choice is yours!

Decide today to affect a life positively with your life. Let no challenge stops you.

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The Lamblions

…we cry for liberation and transformation of lives and destiny of mankind in all the nations of the earth.









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