A to Z of Classic Character

A to Z of classic character

By Adeniran Samson Paul

i-have-a-dream-that-my-four-children-will-one-day-life-in-a-nation-where-they-are-not-judged-by-the-quote-1Here’s one of the keys that unlocks sustenance of greatness in all spheres of life, both in the spiritual and secular. It is a key unto successful journey in life and purpose. The key is called “Character”. Leadership is impotent without this key, marriage and ministry holds no good future without it. It’s one of the major keys and a key everyone who hope to grow higher in life must find and make use of. Character development a must!
Many mighty men had fallen because of the misuse of it. Many great men/women have been short circuit because of the lack of it. Character can make or Mar destiny.

Anointing without Character is Annoyance, in fact, a good character is a carriage of a great anointing.

character_quotes2As we study the Bible, we saw how many mighty men fell irrevocably because of failure in this subject. Many of them became “black sheep” in the move of God in their generation. One of such men was the first king in Israel, Saul, found and anointed of God to lead God’s people, but character deficiencies shortcut his journey in life (1 Samuel 15). Another is one of the greatest leader that ever lived in the history of the Israelites, Moses by name. He was said to be the meekest man on earth, yet, a little deficiencies in this subject denied him of entering the land God had promised his generation of which he was to sparehead (Deut. 34:1-5). Another tragedic one was of a priest called Eli, a mentor and spiritual father to Samuel. He was such a great man whom in his days could discern God’s voice speaking to the young man Samuel. But a deficiency on this subject ruined him and his sons (1 Samuel 4:1-16). There are many more stories and examples from the scriptures of those who failed because of character deficiencies. Men greatly anointed, but lack character. It’s a matter of time, a man of no character actually have no placement in the path to success. May you refuse to be enlisted with them. Amen.

Yet, we have many who succeeded, not only because they caught vision or were anointed but we found that they worked on character development and as we read their stories today, we desire to have such success as they had. (examples of such were; Joseph, Nehemiah, Esther, Daniel, Paul etc to mention a few). I want to agree with the wise man who had rightly said,

“Attitude (character) is everything, it determines your altitude in life”.

How far you will go in your relationship with your spouse, co-workers, church members, children, employees etc in life and destiny has a great dependent on your Character .
As you check mate yourself, begin by learning to…
A – Admire, don’t Abuse
B – Bless, don’t Blame
C – Create, don’t Criticize
D – Desire, don’t Destroy
E – Explore, don’t Exploit
F – Forgive, don’t Fight
G – Give, don’t Grudge
H – Help, don’t Hurt
I – Instruct, don’t Insult
J – Justify, don’t Judge
K – Keep, don’t Kill
L – Love, don’t Lust
M – Mentor, don’t Mislead
N – Nurture, don’t Nullify
O – Obligue, don’t Oppose
P – Perform, don’t Pretend
Q – Quest, don’t Quit
R – Refire, don’t Retire
S – Supervise, don’t Suppress
T – Tutor, don’t Threaten
U – Understand, don’t Underrate
V – Visualize, don’t Vandalize
W – Work hard, don’t Weaken hands
X – X-ray your thoughts, don’t X-pose your body
Y – Yield to God, don’t Yield to Temptation
Z – Zealous in good works, don’t Zap others.
Whereas, there’s more to character than these. I want to challenge you to spend time, look into your character and develop yourself if you have a journey to make with destiny in life.


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…The Lamblions cry for liberation and transformation of lives and destiny in all the nations of the earth.


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