What to do when everything is down“Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me”
(John 14:1). There comes a moment in life that heart seems to trouble, things seems not working, enemies seem raging and hope seems lost. A period of casting down. Time of passing through the shadow of death. Period when, it’s as though the heavens are closed and there seems to be no help. When the enemies come in like a flood. When hell and death roars and the great enemy of the saints roars like a lion, seeking whom he may devour. What do we do at such a point in time? 

Period when the family and business seems collapsing. When the children are not walking the path you shew them. When there is no growth in that ministry. When financial hardship is the order of the day. When your day is turning to night and when helpers retire. A point when you have tried all you think of and you almost tend to give up. Are you in such state right now or you know of somebody in such a state. What do you do? 

  • Pray more: The Psalmist wrote “For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful have opened against me; they have spoken against me with a lying tongue. They have also surrounded me with words of hatred, and fought against me without a cause. In return for my love, they are my accusers, but I give myself to prayers” (Psalms 109:2-4). When David was confronted with issues of life, he turned to prayers and at the end, he praised the Lord for the victory. (vs 30). The only battle prayer can not conquer is the battle beyond He who answers the prayers. Believe in Him who said, “call upon me and I will answer you…” (Jeremiah 33:3). Keep the fire on your altar burning. never retire but refire even when the enemies conspire. Keep engaging prayer power until you see the victory the Savior promised. 
  • Take God by His word: A preacher had rightly said, “when you know what is written, your situation cannot be written off”. Live by the Word and stand on the Word. Remind God what had been written, and claim a solution to your situation through the Word of God. 
  • Stay stronger in faith: Your faith at this point must not fail. Great victory is a product of great faith. You have often read Jesus saying “Be it unto you according to your faith, not according to my power”. Keep your faith alive in God’s word. Remind yourself over and over of His promises for your life and believe in what He has said. Your faith can be demonstrated by what comes out of your mouth. Speak positively to your life and situations and you will reap the fruit of your words. 
  • Sing unto the Lord: Engage the Power of Praise. Never under estimate the potent of praise. It’s a weapon to use when everything seems not working. It’s a mighty weapon to engage when you don’t know what else to do. Praise yet the Lord and the King will arise on His throne for your aid. Praise make God arise, so praise the Lord. 
  • Stay Spiritually connected: Most of time, the reason the enemy strike is because he wants to take us off track. He wants us to get rid of our spiritual sensitivity and lose the connection line with the Spirit of God. He brings challenges, depressions etc but, in all these, we must let not our heart be troubled. Stay connected and victory is sure. Never let the roaring of the enemy dread you, for he is a defeated foe. Christ has given us victory. Praise Jesus. 

Above all, always remember Him who said, “let not your heart be troubled…” believe Him and hold Him by His word. He has fought the battle for you and conquer, He is the One and only who can say, “let not your heart be troubled…”. Therefore, let not your heart be troubled in all situations you may find yourself right now. Rather, rejoice in the Lord God of your salvation.

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…We cry for liberation and transformation of life and destiny of mankin in all the nations of the earth. 


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