TONGUE : The Most Powerful Weapon For Life Affairs



The most powerful weapon for life affairs

Someone had defined ‘life’ to be full of battle which I don’t totally agree with, but, I believe that a part of life is battle! As a wise man had said,

“life will not give you what you deserve but what you demand”.

Your demand for what you deserve most time don’t come easy. So, this article will be addressing one of the most powerful weapons for fighting the affairs of life without sweat.

Everybody may feel the same thing, but we speak different things. And so we have different experience. Why is it so?

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You have to Stop complaining

Life is like a two edge sword, as it faces you so also is facing somebody else, but your experience with the difficulties and challenges of life is determined by how you see it and how you respond to it. Many people always complain about why they are how they are and so refuse to take responsibility to get to where they desire.

A lot of people has solely belief that, the reason they don’t succeed in life is because of the devil. That may not be a good reason because, it’s not only you. Devil is against everybody, including his workers. But why is it that, some are succeeding and others fails? That tells you, it’s beyond the devil!
You need to know certain truths about life.

It’s the knowing of truth that set one free (John 8:32).You may need to diligently seek audience with the Holy Spirit beyond your casual ways and ask Him to show you truths about life which you have never seen before.

One of the truth the Holy Spirit showed me which I’ll be sharing here was, the power of the tongue. I’ve listened to some people on this subject but it doesn’t really move me then. Later, I have to learn it in hard ways!

Bible says,

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit”. (Proverbs 18:21)

When you see a bottle label ‘poison’, Do you believe it could kill you if you take it or not? Of cause, yes, you do. But when the Bible tells you, your tongue carries a level of poison, you thought, how could that be true? James 3:8 says “But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.” full of deadly poison! 

Caleb and Joshua made it to Canaan land because of the correct use of their tongue while the other spies missed it because of the wrong use of the same (Numbers 13-14). They all saw the same thing, but spoke different thing.

God said about Caleb and Joshua that, because they have another spirit within them, they will go over the land and possess it.

Your confession could make you possess a land or lose it.

Tongue is powerful. Be mindful of what you say. By your words you shall be condemned and by your words you shall be saved.
The power of Your Tongue.

  • Your tongue has the capacity to change the world inside you, and when the world inside you changes, the world around you will change.
  • Your tongue has the capacity to change your orientations and experiences in the kingdom.
  • You can test the depth of a man by what he says
  • Your tongue gives directions to your life.
  • Your tongue has capacity to shape your life.
  • Tongue is poisonous, use it well.

What you often speak, you attract.

You can’t speak negative and attracts positive. And you can’t speak failures and attract success. God was never angry with the spies before they left and there was no record of iniquity they committed in the cause of their searching but, by virtue of what they said, they brought death upon themselves.

Even if you don’t believe in positive confession, I want you to do a favour to your destiny, future and people around you, speak positively to them. Start speaking positive words about your present and future no matter what you may be experiencing. Since there is no cost for saying something positive about yourself and your chanllenges, choose to speak positive things. Choose to make your tongue productive. Bless a life with what you say. When things are going down, even the scripture says you should say, there’s lifting up. Don’t just choose to follow the cause of life, let life follows your course. As this earth is suspended on water, so also your destiny is suspended on your words. Speak, to edify others, to motivate and to encourage others. Let it minister life to others and above all, to give God the utmost Glory.

Don’t because you want people to pity you speak negatively to your life. Choose to be positive in all things. One truth you need to know about life is, the more positive you are, the more you attracts positive people and positive lifestyle. And the more negative you are, the more negative people you attract and negative way of life. The ball is in your court. It’s now your choice to determine what you will do with your tongue. If you love it, you will eat the fruit thereof (Proverbs 18:21). You will eat the fruit of what you say.

Many people needs deliverance of their tongue, if you do this, the devils pursuing you will reduce. I want to challenge you to stop saying negative words to your life and destiny. Start saying positive words. Some people says, it’s what they feel they are saying. Start saying what the Bible says about you. Feeling is good but it’s very deceptive. Don’t be ruled by your feelings, but be ruled by the Living Word of God and the leading of the Spirit.


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