1 vital key that will Transform your Life time 

1 vital key that will Transform your Life time ​​

Over the years, as I study the scripture, checking through the life of the patriarchs of faith and men of exploits in the Kingdom, I have found out one major key that distinguished them, transform their lives and that brought about their unusual exploits in the Kingdom. They can’t do without it, and to all that have the key, their lives and exploits proved it. If you can truly be committed and consistent in using this key, everything about your life will receive a dramatic turn around. Whatever your desires might be in life, whatever is it that you are looking for, Knowing that the spiritual controls the physical, if only you can key faithfully into this one Key, your story in life and in the Kingdom will change. 

This one key is capable of affecting your Christianity positively, improve your relationship with people, unite your family, open doors of opportunities for your life, brings transformation to your careers, business, and ministry and affect every other areas of your life. This one key will open you up to your purpose in life. I call it, the secret of the Ages! It was the key that fathers of faith had seen, used and it brought about all the transformation they ever witnessed. What is this key? 

John the Apostle wrote in one of his epistle in 1 John 1:3 saying “that which we have seen and heard we declare to you, that also may have fellowship with us for truly our fellowship is with The Father and with His Son Jesus Christ “. This mighty key is called “Fellowship”. Fellowship in this context means, being alone with God! 

That is the key that opens every door you can ever imagine in your lifetime as a believer. It is the solution to all your struggles in life. You have time for everything except God. Alone time with God. The Father desires first a fellowship, a walking with Him before a work for Him. As much as there are Angels in heaven, God still desire to have fellowship with man created in His image than He ever love to have with Angels. Angels are messengers, we are sons and daughters of God. We have a place in the heart of God that none of the Angels do. You and I are dear to Him. He’s longing for your attention!

You have been too busy to give Him attention, no wonder, you are loosing confidence in facing the issues of life. In conquering foes and living a triumphant and balanced Christian life, you need a quality time for fellowship personally with God. ​

How Can You Improve Your Fellowship With God? 

You Need A Quiet Place: you need to create a place for the sake of effectiveness. A quiet place, not just a crowded and noisy place. Give Him attention. 

You Need A Dedicated Time. Apart from the casual habit of praying or studying everytime and everywhere, you still need a special time to get alone with God. 

You Need A Bible: many people have been have a quiet time without their Bible, it can’t be effective. Make a friend with the Bible and study it. Access revelations capable of feeding your spirit man before you leave. Your intentions must not be to just read the Bible, but to access “Light” from the Word, through the help of the Holy Spirit. 

Learn To Pray: It’s good for me to tell you that you need to learn how to pray. The disciples has been praying anyhow and discovered that they didn’t enjoy praying as Christ did, so they walk up to Him to teach them to pray as John also taught his disciples and He did (Luke 11:1). If you don’t know some things about prayers, you may not enjoy praying, because prayer is beyond making a request. It’s an important ingredient in fellowship with God. So, study about prayers, and learn to obey whatever the Holy Spirit is leading you to do in your secret place as you pray. 

Obey the Holy Spirit : This is the principal tool you must never take lightly as you fellowship with God in the secret place. You will often time hear from the Holy Spirit giving you counsels, instructions, corrections, rebukes where necessary, and guidance. You must never despise them. Learn to be obedient to the Spirit if you want your fellowship to last. 

Take a determination today to build a personal fellowship with God to enhance your walk with God. As you over and over approach Him, never hide yourself or anything from the Lord, bring to Him every matter about your life and all that surrounds you. Come to Him the way you are and you will see all things changing for your good. It’s the beginning of a new life in your lifetime journey. Your can never regret you do. 

As you build your secret place of fellowship with God, I love you to share with me your experience, the changes you experience. God bless you 



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