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In life, mountains are part of those things we come across on our way to the Promised Land. We must not allow them to hinder us. Life itself is not sweet without facing those mountains. The mountains are our strength builders, mind strengtheners and lift to fulfilling our purposes. They are there, to strengthen us. To make a man out of us. To bring out the best in us. To bring us the elasticity that life requires.

Meeting mountains on your path to greatness is a symbol that you’re moving forward. The mountain is a sign to stepping into the next level. You are not meant to die on your mountain. The mountains are not meant to stop you. The mountains are there for you to climb. Face it, and climb it.images-62

Mountains meant different things to different people. In most cases, it is our fear. Get closer to that mountain and discover, it is nothing to worry about. Let not the man within you get threatened and be made to believe that, the mountain is too big for you.

To some others, the mountains could be a challenge, an obstacle, a threat, failure, etc. It could be a personal difficulties you are seriously facing that seems too big for your liken. It could be in your family, career, business, job, or ministry.

Whatever your own mountain might be, stop looking at that mountain, start climbing it. Don’t back it out. Face it and climb it. You have been empowered to do so. You have enablement. Don’t allow that fear to grip your heart.

Somebody gave an acronyms for FEAR as (F – False, E – Expression, A – Appearing, R – Real). Don’t allow that fear. Look straight away with the eye of your inner man and move over that mountain.

It is written, “…Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel, you shall become a plain!”(Zachariah 4:7). (Repeat it and put your name in place of Zerubbabel)


  • Speak to that mountain and climb it: if you are a believer, there’s a level of authority in your mouth. You have the power of life and death on your tongue. Speak to that mountain and climb. Let your faith cling unto your Master. Don’t just watch that mountain taking over your territories. “Call those things that be not as though they were”. Don’t speak negative to your mountains. You have to stop speaking what you don’t want and start speaking what you want. See the invisible and bring out the impossible by calling it into reality. You have to speak forth. Kenneth Copeland said, “You can’t fight thoughts with thoughts, you fight thoughts with words”. So speak to your mountains. And as you speak those words out, take actions of faith and you will see that, the mountain is nothing but a mirage!images-65
  • Never quit climbing until reach the end: many of the mountains you will face in life are just a stepping stone to your victory. The distance between your mountain and your victory is a stone cast. Never climb to a point and stop, never be discouraged. Don’t quit! “Quitters never win”, (they said) “and winners never quit”. Through your doggedness and persistent to climbing, you will overcome. Keep going, you may even discover, the mountain is a mirage, not real!

I see you overcoming your mountains. I therefore challenge you to face your mountains and overcome it.

Favourite quotes

  • Mountains are meant to be trampled upon, not to be avoided. ( Adeniran S. Paul)
  • The distance between your mountain and your victory is a stone cast. (Adeniran S. Paul)
  • You have to stop speaking what you don’t want and start speaking what you want. (Adeniran S. Paul)
  • “You can’t fight thoughts with thoughts, you fight thoughts with words” Kenneth Copeland
  • “Quitters never win, and winners never quit” Anonymous

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