images-50In all thy getting, get divine fullness!

In the first part of this write up, I wrote about being filled with the Spirit and how one can be full. I also wrote about what happens when one is full of the Spirit. I encourage you to go and read that one first before you proceed reading this so as to gain the full understanding.

To read “the mystery of the Fullness of the Spirit” (part 1), click on THE MYSTERY OF THE FULLNESS OF THE SPIRIT (Part 1)

  • The Overflow Experience

After that one is full being full, what do you expect? Overflowing!

Just like you will fill a glass with water, as you fill it, the level increases until it is full. As you keep pouring, it experiences an overflow. It is expedient for you to note that, what brings the fullness unto a man is the continuous outpouring of the Spirit, and what brings about the overflow is the same. There must not come a point in your life that you become satisfied with the level of His fullness in you. You must always and continuously desire for more of His fullness.

The Psalmist wrote in Psalms 23:5 that, “You anoint my head with oil and my cup runs over”. Yet, the same David proclaimed in Psalms 42:1,2 saying, “As a deer pants after the water brooks, so pants my soul after You, O LORD. My soul longs for God, for the living God…” There must be a continuous panting after God’s Presence in order to receive the continuous overflow.

At this level of overflow, you make more exploits in the kingdom without struggles. All you just need to learn is how to put the power of God into work. You can send God’s power on errand for the Kingdom assignment. Literally, when you are present in a place, it results into the tangible manifestation of God’s Presence. Just as the shadow of Peter was healing the sick and Paul’s apron and handkerchief were casting out demons. That was a running over experience. As you experience overflow, and your cup runs over, the overflow can form a mighty ocean from which generations after you can drink and live.

God wants us to begin to press into this dimension of the Spirit. First to be filled, being filled over and over till we are full and continually being full till we overflow and continually overflowing till our running over forms a great and mighty ocean.

Determine to let your living and existence transcend your generation by laying hold on God the Holy Spirit, to continually fill you till you experience a running over, till your running over could cared for generations yet unborn. Today, we read about the works of John Wesley, Charles G. Finney, Kathryn Khulman, Smith Wigglesworth, among many others. What will upcoming generations read about YOU?

Determine today to seek, know God and touch the Lord until His fullness fills you bodily to an overflow. Ignite your prayer altar to a level of encounter with God for divine fullness till you begin to experience a running over.


Get glow and ablaze for God, by being filled with the Spirit.


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