Have you ever asked yourself, is there more to being filled with the Spirit?

Do we receive more of the Spirit or we yield more of ourselves to the Spirit?

Is there something else beyond tongue speaking experience?

What happens when we experience the fullness of the Spirit?

This post will definitely answer your questions and change your perspective of what you use to know about the fullness of the Spirit and it will bring you to a new level of Divine fullness.

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The fullness of the Holy Spirit is God’s desire for every believer. It is an experience every believer must have. There are three major experiences of the fullness of the Holy Spirit which you must long to have.

  • The Experience of Being Filled With the Spirit

(Ephesians 5:18) says, “And do not be drunk with wine in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit”.

Being filled is continual


To be filled with the spirit here means “to continually being” filled. That talks of continuity. That means an infilling over and over and over again. It’s not just enough to receive the infilling of the Spirit once. Some people do not desire to be filled again after they are first filled and they could speak in other tongue. They just relax and believe the rest is for young believers. No wonder, revival tarries! We need to be continually being filled, until we are full. This fullness of the Spirit is beyond tongue speaking. The desire of God is to continually fill us with His Spirit, until we are full and till we experience His overflow.

Until you are full

  • The Experience of Being Full of the Spirit

When a tank is being filled over and over with water, it will get to a point, it becomes full. If it is not leaking. The same is applicable to our lives. When we continually receives the filling of the Spirit, we becomes full, if we do away with leakages. The reasons many don’t experience this FULLNESS are peculiar to individuals; to some, once they had the first infilling, their hunger for more dies, while to others, they have more hunger but never dealt with the leakages of their lives.

How The Fullness comes

Now, note this, this fullness comes by yielding ourselves more unto the Holy Spirit. The amount of Him you have is directly proportional to your capacity of surrenderness. Most time, we are ignorance of His fullness. We always say, Holy Spirit, I need more of You, but on the real sense, He is the One who needs more of us. Because, He is the One that wants to use us, not we want to use Him. His Power is not less than before. His part is constant but, our part is not because of the wavering of our heart. Holy Spirit is not more powerful today than He was yesterday. The Holy Spirit is not an influence, yet He influences. He is not a substance, He is a Person. Stop relating with Him like an influence, start relating with Him as a Person. Therefore, the more of ourselves we yield to Him faithfully and by faith, the more of Him we experience in our daily life.

His Fullness will intoxicate you!

To be full, just be continually being filled. Yield your heart unto God in Prayers. Open up your heart and pray for the infilling of the Spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you, and to continually fill you until you are full. When you are full of the Spirit, it will show, you don’t need to tell anybody. When a man is drunk with wine, you can see it on him. You can’t be drunk and not speak of what you are drunk with. In Acts 2, the Apostles where filled with the Holy Ghost and they began to speak in other tongues. Verse 4 “And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance” in scriptures, speaking follows the filling of the Spirit on several occasions. (Acts 4:8; Luke 1:67; Ephesians 5:18, 19. etc).

When you get full, you get intoxicated. You speak about what fills you. When a foam is full, and fully saturated with water, when you press it, what comes out of it? Water. So is anyone full of the Spirit. You can’t be full of the Spirit of life and be full of bitterness at the same time. This is the dimension God wants to take you to.

To be continue…cropped-images-211.jpg

You will love to read about the third experience after you are full. It is an experience you love to know about and have.


Get glow and ablaze for God, by being filled with the Spirit.

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