In the Testament of old, After the children of Israel had spent a fulfilled years in captivity according to the promise of God to Abraham (Genesis 15:12-16) that his seed shall spend four hundred years in a strange land and shall serve the land and they will be afflicted and it was time for them to leave that land (of bondage) to the land promised to their fathers. Thirty years later, the Lord called Moses to lead the people out of the strange land to the promised land. Moses had arguments with God on reasons why he was not qualified for the task just as many of us do today (forgetting that, God always qualifies the chosen, not necessarily choose the qualified), God resolves on a permissible will to make available Aaron his brother to interpret what Moses will say, (Moses stammers).Read Exodus 2-3. Just shortly after God trusted the honorable position to the hand of Aaron and they stood before the great enemy of God’s people (Pharaoh) and brought the children of Israel out of his land and led them through the wilderness. There came a time for the Lord to deliver to His people the Ten Commandments as a guideline and template toward that which is to come. Moses went up to the Mountain to be before the Lord for a 40-day and night to collect that which the Lord had for His people, while Aaron was to stand in gap for Moses for the few days to oversea the people of God before the return of the leader or General Oversea(Moses). But before the 40days was fulfilled, the assistance General Oversea (Aaron) had led the people astray. Just a little threatening made the great and respected man of God compromise and made a calf image as idol to worship. Not just a compromise but introduce a whole nation to an unknown God (Exodus 32). Will Aaron said, he didn’t know the Living God again? What about the frogs, flies, water that turned to blood, rod that became serpent and many other wonders he witnessed in Egypt? Some of which God did through him!

Aaron Why? After all the investment of God on you. Why?

Despite all the miracles you witnessed and performed in Egypt. Why?

Will you say you don’t know the Lord?

My brother/sister, what is currently the investment of heaven over your life? What are those things heaven had trusted over to you: People, offices, position? Material? Wife? Children? Etc. what are the expectations of heaven over your life and what are you doing right now? What is the cry of heaven over you: Weldon or Why?

Failure to carry out divine agenda according to pattern can bring about this cry…

Failure to do according to the capacity giving to you can bring about this cry…

Delay obedience and total disobedience or repeated disobedience can bring about this cry…

Fulfilling selfish ambitions and desires can bring about this cry…

Unfaithfulness and maltreatment of one’s spouse can bring about this cry…

Unforgiveness and sinful lifestyle can bring about this cry…

What is currently the cry of heaven over your life? I see heaven saying to Aaron, I made a lot of investment over your life, why this, at this period of your life?

In whatever capacity God had placed you or responsibility He had given you, He prepared you before putting you there and it is never a mistake. God always wants you to make Him proud and happy all the time He looks at you and see how you handle His people and works.

Just as the Lord didn’t give up immediately over Aaron, but gave him another chance to make his life and people correct, I see Him doing the same to you right now. Make all things right!



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