Have you ever wonder why many believers go to several programs, take impartation and yet, you can’t see the traces of what they have confessed to receive in their lives. You wonder why the life of many people just try to keep the fire, but the thing never work, maybe you are even a victim. Many don’t know that, spiritual growth is demanding and tasking. Every greater encounter will take you greater work to keep it going.

If you are going to sustain God’s fire in your bone, if you are going to be a carrier of divine Presence, Divine Power and the endowment of the Holy Spirit upon you, you must totally avoid the following seven points that I called, the fire extinguishers.

  • Atmosphere Of Sins: sins in most cases will always create you an atmosphere before you fall into it. If you can learn to avoid atmosphere of sins, both inside you and around you, you will witness how great the Spirit of God can help you to walk in victory. Don’t wait to see the sin before you flee. Its appearance is enough to get you off the atmosphere. That you are anointed is not the matter here. Bible says, FLEE! Sins quench fire, don’t wait to see it.
  • Priority Failure: many believer has not known how priority failure can lead to quenching of their fire. Priority simply means, putting first thing first. As you receive encounters and grow spiritually, YOU MUST PUT GOD FIRST in all you do. Your walk with God must take the priority of your life and time daily and must not be exchanged for something else. You must also fight laziness and procrastinations here, if you are going to keep your fire burning!
  • Unexposed sins: The sin you do not expose has the capacity to expose you. A sin you don’t expose has capacity to rule your mind. Confide in a mature brethren who can both counsel you, pray with you and possibly be accountable to him/her as the case may be. I know such people are not common but we still have them and no matter how worse, you will always have at least one around you, don’t let the devil deceive you that, there’s no one! Unexposed sins will attack your mind and quench your fire.
  • Guilt: guilt has a power to weaken you from inside and tell you, God is not looking for people like you. Guilt has the power to “de-anoint” you and strip you of divine endowment. Never allow devil to make you think, your sins are not forgiven and God is still counting on your old life now. Any negative thought that is capable of visiting your mind at will has capacity to quench your fire. Instead of you running and looking forward, they always make you look backward. You must never tolerate them. Therefore, constantly renew your mind through the word of God.
  • The Non-Irons: Only iron sharpens iron. When wood is trying to sharpen iron, it is a disaster. You must wash the relationship you keep. When you move with people with fire in their bones, you will also learn to carry fire in your bone, but when you constantly move with fire quenchers, they will soon pull down your altar.
  • Spirit of Fear: many people fear many things they don’t know. A lot of people are afraid of being tagged “over spiritual” or ‘fanatics”. But the truth is, it is a deceit of the devil to make you think you are getting too spiritual. And as a matter of fact, if only you can see beyond you confinement, you will discover you don’t know anything yet. You can’t over know God, because, there’s no searching of His understanding. In fact, the closer you may seems to be, the farther you will see you are. He is your Father and you can’t over know your Father. Never let the devil deceive you, many had left spiritual works because of this evil thought or accusation. You must fight it. Get closer to God daily!
  • Lack of Wood: “where no wood is, the fire goes out”. One of the cheapest way to quench fire is to stop throwing wood into it. The wood is the word of God. Here I don’t just mean reading the bible but accessing the revelations of the Word. The wood that keeps the fire burning is not what you read but the revelation you access and follow (obey). If in your study and reading of the bible, you are not getting new things except your old knowledge, you need help, because, your fire will soon go out. You need revelations from the Word on daily basis and consistently to keep your fire burning. Lack of wood quenches fire.

If you notice ANY of the following in your life, fight it before it quenches your fire. They are dangerous, if you don’t pay attention to them, it’s a matter of time, they will soon get you “off-track”



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