You are really our solution: The sincere cry of this generation

  • Why have you so much belittled yourself?
  • Why have you allow that inferiority complex to rub you of maximizing your potentials?
  • Why do you think you have nothing to offer?

If only you know the number of people that has gone astray because of the little omission of the truth you didn’t tell, if only you know how far that counsel you refuse to give can go in the life of that brother/sister, you would not have withheld it. May be if you have written that book earlier, someone would have read it and got it right in life before falling into wrong hand.

Beloved, you just need to know that your existence can be a “filler” of the gap in someone’s life, if only you can stop living for yourself and look out to reach others with what God has deposited in you. No matter how small, you have something that is the solution to the problem of a person, or a city, or a nation, or even generations. Your generation is waiting for your manifestations (oh, my brothers and sisters).

Do you know that…?

  • There is still a sinner close to you that needed to be saved
  • There’s still somebody almost fed up with life that need your counsel
  • There’s somebody close to your door who is dying in silence (probably because you don’t relate) and he/she needs divine intervention at your disposal
  • Interceding for that fellow can wrought a lot than you ever imagined
  • Giving out that little gift you have can do a lot in saving the life of that young fellow close to you
  • If you have actually share that 15minutes with that brother/sister, may be his/her life wouldn’t have gone so miserable like that
  • You can actually be the agent of transformation that fellow need. In fact, you are the person the fellow has been waiting for

Never let there be a day you will not contribute something (tangible or non tangible) to someone’s life, especially, those around you. That is why you are there.

You have to stop looking for what to get from them and start looking up to what to give them. I wrote, you are the solution, because Christ said so.

Isaiah 60:2 tells us that darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people. Matthew 5:14 says, you are the light of the world. If light is the solution to the people in darkness, you are undoubtedly a solution to the world.

I challenge you to arise and provide the solution your generation is waiting for.


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