• The Fire will Refine You – the fire of the Holy Ghost has the power to sharpen your life, shape you and make you a better Christian. It continually sets you shining and aglow. The fire has such a great transforming power.
  • The Fire will Purify You – The Holy Ghost fire has the capacity to remove the dross in your life, the iniquity and sins. It will keep your heart holy and clean, and as well keep you focus on God.
  • The Fire can Destroy – The destructive part of the fire of the Holy Ghost in you is what makes it impossible for the demonic activities to operate in the life of the carrier. No demon can withstand you when you remain intoxicated with this kind of fire. May I shock you, no family curse can stand you when you are operating on this dangerous frequency – the fire!
  • The Fire will Lighten You – Fire has capacity to produce three major things – heat, smoke and LIGHT. When you encounter this fire, you will be able to see beyond the physical. You can see the invisible and most importantly access the revelation of God’s Word. Praise God!
  • The Fire will Quicken You The fire of the Holy Ghost operates like electricity, when it touches you, it quicken you from within. If you had touched life wire before, you will understand better. The fire is the solution to spiritual dullness.
  • The Fire will Turn You to a Star – Do you ever notice, anywhere fire is burning, crowd gathers. It commands public attentions. This affirms the quote of John Wesley when he said, “set yourself on fire and people will gather to watch you burning”. When you are on fire, nations will pay to watch you burning.
  • The Fire turns You to Fire – Anything fire touches, it turns that thing to fire. When fire touches wood, it wood becomes fire, when the fire of the Holy Ghost touches you, it turns you to fire.

It is the intention of God to make us fire carrier, for He said “even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be IN you” John 14:17(KJV). It was a promise then, but the indwelling began from the day of Pentecost.

You need encounter with the Holy Ghost to truly be a carrier of this fire.


For your Liberation and spiritual transformation, contact us on our website.


or contact ADENIRAN SAMSON PAUL 08062446461



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